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Who won?

November 8, 2006 pm30 3:42 pm

The Democrats. But by how much?

It is clear that the Democrats took the House – but the numbers are incomplete. CNN is reporting 227 – 194, a swing of 27 seats. Most of my list of 22 were on that list, but not all. (When this is over I will make a real list).

The Democrats needed 6 to win the Senate, won 4, with 2 more to be finalized.

It is essentially tied in Virginia (they hold a narrow lead, its likely going to recount). In Montana they are still counting, slowly, but the Democrat holds a 2000+ vote lead, with over 90% counted. Some voting machine problems will delay a final total until later today.

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There are 14 House seats that CNN says haven’t been called (FOX has more, but with nothing to root for, they may have gone to bed early). Of them, some are headed for recount or runoff, but if I ‘called’ the 8 with current margins of over 1000 votes, we have 231 – 201, with 3 left.

After a day more of numbers I will put up more details. For now know that the interesting uncalled races are CT-2, PA-6 and PA-8, GA-8 and GA-12, WY-01, NM-1, NC-08 and WA-08. There are runoffs in Texas and Louisiana (I think) one going to each party.

In any event, final results could be held up in some races for weeks. I will compare my picks here (from Sunday) to the actual results as of sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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