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Next UFT contract? Coalition bargaining update

October 14, 2006 pm31 10:13 pm

No commentary. No real news. Just this item from the UFT Update:

Coalition bargaining session set for Oct. 19

The municipal bargaining coalition, of which the UFT is a part, will begin bargaining by submitting its economic demands to the city on Oct. 19.

Our 300-member negotiating committee on Oct. 11 unanimously approved a set of non-economic demands and demands concerning our functional chapters that were confirmed by the Ad Com and will be brought to the Executive Board and Delegate Assembly for confirmation as well.

The demands were not included as an agenda item in the proposed agenda for Wednesday’s Delegate Assembly.  I assume that they will be presented at the Executive Committee on Monday, and that the Executive Committee will recommend them to the DA, and that delegates will receive a revised agenda Wednesday.

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  1. October 16, 2006 am31 3:46 am 3:46 am

    I will be waiting to see what our 300 member negotiating committee has proposed. However, I am very suspicious that Randy & gang have already influenced their report. I hope I am wrong here.


  1. Teachers unions Blog Digest - Next UFT contract? Coalition bargaining update

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