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Three NY food links

August 26, 2006 pm31 1:53 pm

Well, maybe not entirely New York.

WordPress tags led me to Off the Broiler. Wow. This guy goes to amazing New York restaurants, takes mouth-watering photos, shares clever recipes. Just go. Look once. See if you can find the chocolate pizza. (If you hate to search, click here. It is the second photo down.)

Where did that guy learn to take food photos? Worth a look.

Sarah at Tales from a Tiny Kitchen has a neat little site with a new menu going up about twice a month. The most impressive piece (for me, at least) is not visible. She built the website from scratch, and taught herself the HTML along the way.

A few words about Chowhound, if you click —–>
Jim Leff is the world famous Chowhound. He’s not about the fanciest, or the cheapest, or the most stars. If you have to spend to get delicious food, so be it. If you have to travel… But if you can get the same stuff locally, or if you don’t have to pay top $…. Read his full answer to “What is a Chowhound?

Chowhound is really just a place where food savvy (or food-obsessed) New Yorkers talk to each other about food. There are separate boards for other cities. And since some large corporation bought the site, it’s a little less gritty, but the content has not suffered.

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