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Summer Vacation Planning 3: “Can Rome be seen in a day?” and “Which camera?”

May 28, 2006 pm31 9:48 pm

So the dates are getting closer, and I need to focus on specifics.

1. I have a (by design) twelve hour layover in Rome. I have never been there before (except in transit). I speak no Italian, except dialect names for some food. I will go into the city. What should I do?

2. I have been trying for a month to choose I camera. Help!!! I will use it for blog stuff, too. Ideas? Ideas? What is important? What should I not waste money on?

Update: it's definitely two weeks in Greece and one in Turkey. the week in Turkey will likely be all in Istanbul. I will be staying in the Umraniye belediyesi on the Anatolian side.

Four years ago Jesse Southwick of Boston went on a Fullbright teacher exchange to Istanbul, and set up what may have been an extensive web page. Alas, in three years of disuse it seems that most links have slipped away, but his map page is intact. That's where I filched this map. Other good stuff, too. Have a look. Ümraniye is up from Üsküdar and Kadikoy on the right-hand (Anatolian) side of the Bosphorous.

Previous planning posts for this summer vacation: Summer Vacation Part I, Summer Vacation Part II

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  1. May 28, 2006 pm31 10:11 pm 10:11 pm

    In Rome….go see the Coliseum and some of the old Roman history stuff, and have a meal at a good cafe.

    As for camera, there are many good digital models out there. I’d suggest something on the cheap side (

  2. May 29, 2006 am31 1:54 am 1:54 am


    I will be thinking of you as I teach 40-50 students in the un air-conditioned classroom this summer. Yes, I am jealous!

  3. May 29, 2006 am31 2:10 am 2:10 am

    Why? I guess I know the answer, but do you really need to work summer school? And if you are doing it, why not request a school with ac?

    I feel for you. Giving up summer school, and then giving up all summer work, they were both very tough decisions. Once taken, however, I have not regretted them for a moment.

  4. May 29, 2006 am31 2:34 am 2:34 am

    Why do I work summer school? Well I have two kids in college.
    You cannot pick your school for summer school at the high school level. The last time I said no to a Queens placement I was sent to Brooklyn.

  5. May 29, 2006 am31 2:38 am 2:38 am

    When I worked summer school, I was allowed to request which school I wanted. Got it 2 years out of 3.

    Yeah, I figured there was necessity in there.

  6. May 29, 2006 pm31 5:33 pm 5:33 pm

    I guess in the Bronx summer school positions are easier to obtain then in Queens. Most teachers need to make summer school their retention rights position if they want to teach in Queens. Otherwise, you stand a good chance of not getting one.


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