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Summer Vacation Part II

May 14, 2006 am31 5:54 am

Last week I began to focus plans. A day in Rome (hardly counts, but better than nothing) Two weeks in Greece will include Thessaloniki and two or three islands (Alonissos, Samothrace and Thassos.). I'll pass through Alexandroupolos, and maybe find my way into the Thracian or Macedonian countryside for a day. I will not try for Athos (it's probably too late to make arrangements anyhow). Now I need a few reservations, and a thorough search of ferry connections.

Turkey will be mostly or completely Istanbul and environs. I think I am staying on the Anatolian side (Istanbul being divided by the Bosphorous into Anatolian and European sides), in a residential neighborhood. It's been almost a decade since I've taken the ferries. I can almost taste the real Istanbul simit. Only one week! I went once for 2 weeks, but stayed 6.


(the bottom shelf. that's them)

previous vacation plans post.

Edit: I e-mailed a place with rooms on Alonissos. The view is specatcular.

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