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The Day After The Year After

June 28, 2015 pm30 6:08 pm

Yesterday was the day after the year after sabbatical. A group of us took out a friend, first day of retirement. And I breathed, really free, for the first time in a while.

I fell down on blogging badly. Let’s see if I can’t recap the past year, over the next 20 days.

There’s my school, and teaching, and plans for next year.

There’s union stuff, a lot of it. There was some good stuff that happened last year, but lots of troubling stuff, too. And now after de Blasio / Fariña have completed 3 of 8 terms, there’s not nearly to show for it.

There’s education stuff outside of my union. Common Core and Opt Out, and vicious battles in other states and cities.

There’s politics, education and otherwise. In that respect, the year ends on a high note, with marriage equality the law of the land.

And there’s always math. State exams, national exams, new courses, old courses. And puzzles. I’ll start tomorrow with puzzles.


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