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Math B comes to an end

June 7, 2010 am30 12:13 am

A week from Tuesday the very last Math B exam will be given.

Disaster from the beginning, after the impossible circle fiasco Math B’s arbitrary difficulty has been tempered by a slightly easier conversion chart.

First time given: June 2001

Questions: 20 multiple choice (2 each, 40 points), 6 part IIs (2 each, 12 points), 6 part IIIs (4 each, 24 points), 2 part IVs (6 each, 12 points)

Total Points: 88

Passing Score (last 6 times) to earn a 65: 48, 46, 47, 49, 46, 46

Score needed to earn a 90 (last 6 times): 77, 77, 76, 76, 77, 75

What next?  Most of the Math B content will show up in the Algebra 2/Trig regents. Some of it has already shown up in the new Geometry regents. Students going for an advanced regents diploma will now need all 3 math exams, instead of A and B. I believe the state is allowing A + Integrated Algebra 2/Trig for the advanced regents diploma.

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