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On the UFT elections: my letter

March 18, 2010 am31 7:53 am

I sent the following letter to some NYC teachers earlier this week:


I’d like to ask for your support in the UFT elections. I am running for High School Executive Board, on the New Action slate.

I remain committed to improving math education.  I also am committed to helping at the base – with new and newer teachers, and building (or rebuilding) chapters. And I am committed to helping our most vulnerable…

This commitment extends outside of my “regular” work. Last Summer I volunteered to help organize teachers in Texas. The Summer before, New Orleans. For years I have worked over the summer with Teaching Fellows, first getting UFTers in to give them tips, and for the last few years going myself and sharing survival strategies and tips.

I’ve touched some big issues, too. Last Spring I spoke (me alone) at the UFT Delegate Assembly against Weingarten’s proposal for a new, inferior pension tier for new hires. And this past October I rose to propose the UFT endorse Bill Thompson for mayor.

And I do what I’m supposed to. I’ve been a Chapter Leader for 8 years. I do what I can to keep us from having issues, or to deal with them quickly. I collect information, go to my DR, HS and DA meetings. I attend rallies, and bring others out. I was at most of the CECs and PEPs around school closings this winter, showing my support.

And I write. At I talk about teaching math, about the UFT, but most importantly, about how to survive as a new teacher, and schools to avoid. The “Do Not Apply” list has generated substantial interest. (It needs to be updated).

And all of this activity is consistent with my slate:  New Action. We are activists, committed to organizing chapters, taking a progressive stance, and advancing the interests of our members and our schools.

Ballots are in the mail, and you either just received yours, or are about to. When you get yours, please vote. (for me and the New Action Slate please!  but if not, than for the other guys. It strengthens our union, it sends a message to Bloomberg and Klein when more of us get involved, including by voting.)


to vote New Action, just check the Slate box. Do not make any other mark, or the ballot will not be counted.
If you choose, instead, to vote for individual candidates, do not mark the slate box.

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