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Was Duncan’s comment on Katrina outrageous?

February 20, 2010 pm28 1:01 pm

Of course it was. But most commentators only got  part of it.

In late January Duncan said “I think the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans was Hurricane Katrina. That education system was a disaster, and it took Hurricane Katrina to wake up the community to say that ‘we have to do better.”

And the whole world called him on speaking well of a deadly tragedy. And there was a correction.

But something else is wrong, very wrong. New Orleans is better now? He should have been called on what has happened since. Every teacher lost their job? The union had to be rebuilt from scratch? Poor kids dead. Poor kids moved away, unable to come back?

Look out, Jamaica and Columbus HS, to what happens to your neediest students as you phase out. You too Maxwell, and Beach Channel. No flood, no apology from the politicians. But those neediest students, those who need more times, they’ll be our local version. Watch them get scattered. Watch Bloomberg and his chancellor pretend they don’t exist.

(My blogging is out of synch after my 3 week break. I’ll be coming back to both new AND slightly stale topics over the next weeks)

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  1. February 20, 2010 pm28 4:05 pm 4:05 pm

    That part of the equation is really tough to swallow. Then again, anyone whose worth their weight in salt knows some of the implications of constantly stripping options from the proletariat when it comes to education.

    • February 20, 2010 pm28 4:17 pm 4:17 pm

      I did notice that a few people noticed. I noticed that you noticed.

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