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Educators are under attack

December 3, 2009 am31 12:05 am

New Action position paper on the current situation.  Published here.

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  1. Jack Israel permalink
    December 5, 2009 pm31 8:26 pm 8:26 pm

    This is a well-thought out and sadly very accurate assessment of the current situation with regard to the UFT and DOE. Unquestionably, the DOE under the stewardship of Mr. Bloomberg has launched an insidious assault upon teacher seniority, the very bedrock of union potency and solidarity. Without a well-orchestrated and immediately actionable response from the Unity/New Action Caucus, our union’s very existence as we know it is in severe peril. While position statements serve their purpose, only a strategy that includes swift and strong actions can stem this disturbing tide. The UFT’s recent transgressions which include: staying out of the election; not fighting against term limits and/or the current version of mayoral control only serve to highlight the unions’ lack of action and an acquiescence to Mayor Bloomberg’s wrong-headed ego driven assault on our profession.

    The public does not fully understand the actions and impact of the Bloomberg/Klein regime. Judging by the tabloid editorials and even the venerable NYT, the UFT is responsible for every conceivable ill facing our schools today even though the UFT doesn’t hire teachers, grant tenure, close schools, create ATRs, send members to rubber rooms, carry out the investigation of people in the rubber rooms or decide on curriculum.

    I have been impressed with the recent missives from our new leader Mr. Mulgrew. I understand that he has inherited a difficult situation. However, if he cannot convince our members, new and old that we are at a critical juncture in our union’s very existence I am afraid much can be lost, very quickly! Mr. Bloomberg has no idea about how to run the schools but his lawyers are quite adept at end-running laws and contracts. Conversely, I believe that the UFT is still a very powerful and politically influential union. WE must harness this power and make every effort to keep this destructive mayor in check. I wait with keen anticipation for Unity/New Action to come up with some type of action-based strategy! The time for words has long passed, I am ready to act! ASAP!!!!!!

    Jack Jay Israel
    UFT/AFT Delegate
    De Witt Clinton H.S.
    The Bronx, NY

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