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Break in the weather

August 17, 2009 pm31 7:31 pm

It’s been hot in East Texas. The forecast for the rest of the week:

  • Tuesday 92
  • Wednesday 91
  • Thursday 93
  • Friday 96
  • Saturday 96
  • Sunday 95
  • Monday 94
  • Tuesday 94
  • Wednesday 95

Now, I’ve been reminded, there’s hotter places in Texas. But low 90s are a break? Actually, I feel fortunate that Claudette’s remains won’t reach here, that Bill is elsewhere, and that there are no other tropical blips on the weather map

Today I stopped at a little museum by the Camino Real. Looked at some maps, took some brochures, heard a little Texas history, and probably added the first “Bronx” to the guestbook.

(Earlier I helped sign up some teachers at a convocation. Normal leave at 6, work 7 – 1 sort of day)

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