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Logic Puzzles from multiple points of view 5/5

July 4, 2009 pm31 12:30 pm

Over the last few days I posted a group of five puzzles, related by a “multiple points of view” theme.

None of these puzzles belong to me. And this is the only one that I know who to extend credit to. The rest, I think they’ve just sort of existed, forever. This one was a contest problem, posted by Quan Quach at Blinkdagger, as the second ever Monday Math Madness prize puzzle. Look here.


There are 1000 Logical Leprechauns, who, one February 29th, receive news that there is an abnormally large pot of gold at the end of the rainbow near China. All of the Leprechauns rush to the end of the rainbow and arrive simultaneously. In this situation, according to Leprechaun Lore, the treasure is to be divided by the following manner:

Every day, starting that same day, the Leprechauns will vote to either
1) send the youngest Leprechaun back to Ireland, or
2) split the pot of gold up among the remaining Leprechauns.

If 50% or more of the Leprechauns vote to split the pot of gold, the treasure gets split among the remaining Leprechauns. Otherwise, the youngest Leprechaun is sent back to Ireland. Assume that each Leprechaun know the ages of all Leprechauns, and none of the Leprechaun’s are the same age. The process is repeated until the gold is split.

When will the gold be split?

Place questions/clarifications below. To submit proposed solutions, click here.

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  1. Stuart permalink
    March 17, 2016 am31 10:07 am 10:07 am

    Makes no sense that the youngest 50% of leppers wouldn’t vote to split on the first day.


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