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March 8, 2009 am31 12:32 am

New wordpress theme: Vigilance.

It will take some time to straighten out the right hand column. It’s a wide column, with two narrow columns underneath.

All posts now appear with full text, not the abbreviated headline forms. (unless I’ve decided to only show part of a post, which is useful sometimes if it is very long, or if a reprint follows). There were complaints, and they made sense to me.

Color comes entirely lacking, but if I know the hex codes for colors, I can add the color. And if I don’t know the codes, I can mess around. Which I have been doing. (rose background, plum links, pabst blue border, at least for now)

And adding a header image is easy. Need to actually do it…

Consider this the first step of a work in progress.

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  1. March 8, 2009 am31 1:27 am 1:27 am

    Thanks, man! This is a win on looks and usability imo :).

  2. March 8, 2009 am31 3:40 am 3:40 am

    Looks great! Clean and a good width.

  3. March 9, 2009 pm31 6:45 pm 6:45 pm

    Looks good. I see a couple of things I definitely prefer over Cutline (my theme): being slightly wider— but do I really want to resize all my photos?— having the header photo underneath the title rather than below it, mixed case (instead of all caps) on the tabs.

    Not sure that I like the pair of narrow sidebars. Have to think about that.

    I definitely want to play around with Vigilance whenever I get caught up on the rest of my chores…

    • March 10, 2009 am31 12:37 am 12:37 am

      You can choose to use all three sidebars – or just the single wide one, or the two narrow ones.

      This really gives more flexibility than the other wordpress themes.

      I really like my photo… but it really doesn’t go with the blog…


  1. Neat header! « JD2718

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