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Save MS399

February 7, 2009 pm28 7:01 pm

Activism begins at home.

Local issues are often the most important issues, to those affected. They also affect the least number of people.

MS399, a middle school in the Bronx, off the Concourse, is threatened with closure. Pretty typical, it is targeted because it teaches a vulnerable population, largely English Language Learners, whose scores… You get it. It’s worth noting though, that 399’s numbers are recently up, not down.

The DoE’s intent is to disrupt the system, to confuse and displace poor and immigrant students, to force teachers onto the Open Market and create more ATRs.

Good people, students, teachers, parents, have only good reasons to keep 399 open.

The rally is this Thursday, at 5PM. Colleges are closed for President’s Day. There are not competing events. Teachers, whose own schools have been or may be targeted, this is an opportunity to add our voices, to show solidarity.

Everyone who shows up Thursday is far more likely to come to the citywide anti-budget cut demonstration March 5. Come. Bring one other person from your school. Make a small difference today, to make a larger difference down the road.

Attend the Rally to

Save MS 399!!

February 12th at 5pm

In front of Middle School 399

120 East 184th Street

Middle School 399 is Working

Phase in MS399


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