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Summer paid 1 week study for community college faculty

January 16, 2009 am31 8:19 am

Since there’s a handful of you reading this…

Just like for teachers, but for CC faculty… One week summer vacation, paid. The National Endowment for the Humanities runs it. The ones for teachers, I know that they take all licenses – they took me, math teacher, to study industrialization. I would guess they do the same for the Landmarks of American History for Community College faculty.

Deadline is March 16. Stipend is $750. The only bad news, the list of workshops is much shorter:

Encountering John Adams: Boston and Braintree

Concord, Massachusetts: A Center of Transcendentalism and Social Action in the 19th Century

Landmarks of American Democracy: From Freedom Summer to the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike

The American Lyceum and Public Culture:  The Rhetoric of Idealism, Abolition, and Opportunity

Progress and Poverty: The Gilded Age in American Politics and Literature, 1877-1901

Passages to Cleveland: Community Memory and the Landmarks of Migration

Here’s the link.

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