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Second place

July 31, 2008 pm31 10:06 pm

I have been participating, on and off, in Monday Math Madness. It is a contest alternating between Wild About Math (Sol) and Blinkdagger. So they are up to #11, I have submitted correct entries to maybe half of them, but so far, not chosen.

#11 asked about rearranging the digits 123456 to create multiples of 11. How many can you make? OK, nice question. I submit a nice statement of solution. Once again, someone else chosen.

(neat note, below the fold –> )

But, after I solved the little problem, I ran on:

As a consolation, all 720 of them are multiples of 3.
Half of them (360) are even (multiples of 2)
One in 6 (120) are multiples of 5.
Eight in thirty (192) are multiples of 4.
None are multiples of 9.
Fourteen of 120 (84) are multiples of 8.
Multiples of 7? New puzzle, good place to stop.

Consolation prize! Sol ran my little ‘extra’ bit. See, sometimes it pays not to know when to shut up! :)

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