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Carnival of Mathematics #34

May 31, 2008 pm31 7:08 pm

Carnival of Mathematics #34 is now up at 360.

Even if you don’t normally like clicking math links, read the amusing banter. She’s turned “34” into an object of amusement.

For example, my post about the NYC Schools Chancellor using a misleading graphic to confuse statistics is introduced as:

There were 34 States in the US at the start of the American Civil War. This kind of information is often represented with a map, which is a kind of graphic. And if you’re going to include graphics in any sort of presentation, you would do well to make them accurate and not slyly misrepresent the data. jd2718 shares this exact kind of situation in Lying with graphics at NYCDOE Central.

Go read all ten! (and click on some links, if you like the math…)


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