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Some bloggish notes and updates

December 26, 2007 pm31 5:38 pm

The Grinchy edition of Teacher’s Potluck went up at Whatsit last week. Take a look. And the deadline for submissions for Friday’s Carnival of Mathematics at The Math Less Traveled is rapidly drawing near. If you are planning to submit

There are more link changes than I can remember. The last few include

  • adding Lynet (Elliptica, math, and other stuff, from Australia),
  • Miss Brave teaches elementary here in New York City,
  • Miss George teaches middle school English (in the suburbs? in NYC?),
  • Sol does all kinds of tricks, some on video, at Wild About Math,
  • I’ve been commenting on Rolfe’s blog forever,
  • and the Columbus Education Association.
  • Brown-eyed girl was cute, but I got bored.
  • Kimberly Moritz maintained a great principal’s blog at G-Town Talks, but she got promoted and the blogging went by the boards.
  • The best addition is eduwonkette. When she showed up a few months ago, bloggers were falling over each other to say nice things about her. Not me. I was waiting to see what was wrong, what the secret angle was. Answer? That was silly of me. Eduwonkette writes a smart, well-directed blog that covers mostly education issues, focussed on New York City. Typical is a series of related posts on a topic over the course of a week. She’s weighed in intelligently and sharply, without feeling caustic, on the progress reports, merit pay, etc. I think she’s a teacher, but I’m not positive. And if you hurry over, she’s on break, but you can read her stand-in, skoolboy, with a series of posts on class size.

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