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Carnival of Mathematics IX

June 2, 2007 pm30 6:24 pm

So they handed this thing to a school teacher? What did they expect? A lesson, of course. Today we’ll use the alphabet to study math. (Apologies in advance for the irregular capitalization).

Alane (Math Notes) Addresses why we teach Arithmetic and about how we All can learn the Abcs. (elementary mathematics education)

RandomHacks Broaches Backtracking. (computing)

Michi will be Considering Cohomology in the Caucasus. (and Complains about Connectivity) (travel/conference)

Involutions attempts to Classify Concepts by search engine page Counts. (statistics)

Dy/Dan continues his Discussion of assessment with part Deux. (secondary mathematics education)

E of E‘s Ponderings Expresses some thoughts about her Experiences at a math and math Ed conference. (math wars/conference)

SharpBrains Forces the reader to use their Frontal lobe with the Fork in the road. (recreational mathematics)

John, the Unapologetic Mathematician, Goes to a Grown-up math competition (ARML) and Gives a solution to a power question.

Hal Huntsman has written about How community colleges teach algebra. (post secondary mathematics education)

Brent of Math Less Traveled Instructs us in a most beautiful Identity (in i) and then uses it to Inform simpler Identities in Trig. (trigonometry)

JD2718 (your host) Jogs kids’ memories by forcing them to Join prior knowledge with y = \frac{1}{x}. (secondary mathematics education)

MadKane Laughs with a Lecture error Limerick. (humor)

Dave Marain Mentions Mortgages, and More Mortgages, deeper Meaning from an sat algebra problem, and More problems. (secondary mathematics education)

Math and Logic Play takes a look at the Monte Hall Problem. (recreational mathematics)

Dan at the Exponential Curve gets a Negative response about National Board Certification (also check out his recent series of puzzles). (secondary education)

Julie of Math Trek Offers an explanation of the recent Origami Trisection of an Angle. (geometry)

Grey Matters Proposes and discusses several variations and the Psychology of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. (logic puzzle)

Denise of let’s Play math Posts on Problem solving. (mathematics education)

Hamid Promoted a π Plate. (merchandise; humor)

Rod of Perfectly Reasonable Deviations Reports on a bidding scheme which is not Rational. (recreational mathematics)

The Crazy Math Lady Rants that her students cannot manipulate Rational expressions in their heads (and therefore must show work). (primary/secondary mathematics education)

Mark of Good Math/Bad Math Seeks to Seriously Share Some introductory ideas about Set Theory (definitions), Set theory (the need to axioimatize), Set theory (axioms). (set theory – now that’s a useless label. While I’m breaking voice, this guy writes to me. Not private e-mails, just his blog posts, but I am a high school math teacher who’s dabbled here and there, and forgotten as much college level stuff as I’ve ever learned, and MarkCC explains fundamental concepts at exactly the level where I can understand everything, but didn’t necessarily before reading it)

Linda of Teens and Tweens sends her kids to public school, and supplements with math Teaching at home, but her Text choice has recently changed. (enriching elementary mathematics education)

Measure Theory Talks about the Trials and Tribulations of Tutoring Two calculus students. (post secondary mathematics education)

mrc from Understanding has an Unusual scheduling question. (algorithm)

Text Savvy Writes on the Wason Selection Task, and again here. (elementary logic)

XKCD’s latest: The Power of One. (humor)

Out of the archives: Ms. friZZle (stretching to use those Z‘s) bemoans her middle school students’ difficulties with mathematics, a – Z, and again. (primary/secondary mathematics education)

3. Three Standard Deviations to the Left does the math for his school’s suspension rate, and makes his students try their estimates as well. (secondary mathematics education)

– – — — —– ——– ————- ——– —– — — – –

Apologies to K, Q, V, Y, 1, 2, and all the other numbers.

The next carnival opens in 13 days at Dave Marain’s Math Notations. Submit via the submissions tool.

Thanks to all for your current submissions.

And a final thanks to Alon Levy, blogger emeritus, for setting all of this up.

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  1. michiexile permalink
    June 3, 2007 am30 1:46 am 1:46 am

    Looking at that CSS link, it seems to be very promiscuous in posting itself elsewhere and not very theme-bound for mathematics.

  2. April 7, 2008 pm30 10:33 pm 10:33 pm

    The fundamentals of life are found in numbers and absolute zero :)

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    June 11, 2009 pm30 10:27 pm 10:27 pm

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