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United Federation of Teachers website

May 21, 2007 pm31 11:45 pm

If you haven’t gone there in a while, stop by the UFT website. Over the last few months there have been improvements.

Salary schedule, teachers contract, secretary contract, counselor contract, para contract, all linked directly from the front page (lower right hand links).

Trouble transfering? There’s a link for you as well (though I firmly believe that putting the burden on the individual member is squarely not what a union should be doing.)

uft“Know Your Rights” is on the right. A membership application is on the left. So is Edwize, the NY Teacher newspaper, the Welfare Fund, and a dozen other useful, one-click links. Getting to anything else, though, can be a maze of clicking, back-arrows, and confusion. Can’t fix everything, all at once.

But the good stuff is good. Just goes to show you, a functional website is more important than a pretty one.

Much new teacher stuff is now first paged, but for some useful info, try the NY Teacher’s current Newer Teacher columns (good) and Newer Teacher archives (tons). Someone needs to go through, though, and make certain that nothing is outdated by newer contracts or agreements.

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  1. Florence Cohen permalink
    May 22, 2010 pm31 1:25 pm 1:25 pm

    Can I take out an ad in your newspaper to advertise a one week timeshare rental in the Berkshires for July or August? And how much would it cost? If so what is the deadline for your next issue and when does it come out?
    florence cohen

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