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UFT Elections – results (I)

March 30, 2007 pm31 3:40 pm

Preliminary results are in. Unity won overall, with around 80%. ICE/TJC was second in every division except retirees, and carried almost 20% of the active teachers, but 13% overall. New Action took about 8%. The most competitive races were for high school executive board, where the joint Unity/New Action slate took about 65% of the vote.I will publish fuller numbers when I find them.

Organizing needs to be at the top of our priorities. 80% of our active members did not vote.

In the meantime, the most important numbers to come out are turnout numbers. Voting was down compared to 2004. I think it was down in every division, down 15% in high schools, more everywhere else.  Among active members, turnout was around 20%. This sets the agenda. Clearly the continuing rapid turnover has left us with thousands and thousands of teachers who passively pay dues (they come out of their checks) but feel no connection to the UFT. The multiplication of mini-schools, in combination with this turnover, has left us with schools with either no chapter, or effectively no chapter.

Every member who did not vote sent us a message: the UFT needs to reach out to its newest members, to its weakest chapters, and rebuild the union from there. We have started. In my district, the District Rep has helped start chapters in every single mini-school, though they are not all functioning at the same level. We have an Organizing Committee that helps with weaker chapters. (Some of?) the borough offices have adopted an approach that puts more staff in the field. But no fooling ourselves here. Organizing needs to be at the top of our priorities. 80% of our active members did not vote.

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