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First Ban

March 25, 2007 pm31 7:08 pm

Less than a week ago, in comments, I boasted about never having banned someone from this blog.

And then, on his blog, Norman of EdNotes OnLine demanded that I identify which organizations leftist teachers belong to. Read that again, or read his words: “The next time jd2718 gives a report, I suggest he name names and true affiliations

The context is simple: On February 19th I wrote about the UFT Delegate Assembly in “UFT – My Union and War.” A guy (who I know) who is running as ICE made a motion. Two or three other people (who I don’t know) spoke in favor of the motion. I identified them all as ICE supporters. The guy who made the motion, I know he is a leftist, but I didn’t know which group. And certainly in the context of the DA debate his caucus affiliation is of primary interest.

A month later Norman wrote on his blog, “Red-baiting from New Action Supporter? You Decide” (which I won’t link to, but it’s not so hard to find.) If you get there, the top two thirds is him blathering on, then excerpts from me, then his coup de grace: No one accuses Norm of being rational; I am, according to him, a red-baiter for not naming names.

Since Norm learned I support New Action he has made a series of scurrilous attacks, with escalating seriousness, and when he gets called on it, just runs away, then slinks back a few weeks later. I have not been able to shame him into an apology, into identifying what has been wrong with his behavior, or into controlling his own outbursts. And now, he wants names named? The results can be dangerous. What will he do next? This is more serious than I can deal with. He’s banned from this site.

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