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New links, old links

March 18, 2007 pm31 6:53 pm


  1. There is a new puzzle site, called: Math Puzzle. I have only started to explore it. There is a lot there.
  2. I already mentioned New Action’s website, in a separate post. But it bears repeating. (and if you haven’t voted, get those ballots in).
  3. The Life and Times of a Rural Math Teacher looks promising.  Middle school, with normal frustrations and bad spelling (you are forewarned!)
  4. Queen of the Quadratic is a Texas HS math teacher, focused on teaching. Posting is a bit sporadic, but interesting when it comes.

  1. Jenny D is very smart. She’s a doctoral candidate, preparing to work in ed policy. But smart doesn’t make up for non-teachers setting policy, especially with such a low experience level.
  2. 3. 4. I lost interest in Your Mama’s Mad Tedious, NYC Public School Blue,  and Miss Malarkey. They have all become fairly infrequent posters as well – since November they have, combined, a total of 6 posts.


My blogroll is a work in progress.  Feel free to click as many of those links as you see fit. Some of them, if you hover the mouse over them, will tell you a bit about the link.  If it is on the list, it caught my interest once. But I will lose interest, regain interest, add, subtract, even reorganize.

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