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UFT elections – Vote New Action

March 12, 2007 am31 7:43 am

In 2005 the UFT negotiated a contract – probably the worst contract in our history. Here are some of the reasons why it was so bad. During negotiations we made some noise about a possible strike, but Bloomberg knew we would not. We were too weak. Our chapters were too weak. Bloomberg’s polling was as good as or better than our internal information.

One slate has made reinvigorating our chapters a real priority: New Action

Chapter leaders should have been telling DRs who should have told Central exactly what was going on in the field. This chain was broken in two places: chapters without leaders or with do-nothing leaders, and DRs without strong relationships with their CLs. Our bottom-up communication, which should be one of our strengths, was badly damaged.

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Our chapters were weak. Some did not function. Many had failed to integrate new members (aggravated by rapid turnover). New small schools disorganized existing UFT structures.

And today we have a chance to do something. Ballots for UFT elections are in the mail. One slate has made reinvigorating our chapters a real priority: New Action. Unity leadership has put organizing back on the front burner, but it has been an uneven effort.

Your ballot will be in your mailbox this week. Please take a moment to fill it in and return. And remember, vote for New Action.

Remember, vote for New Action.

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