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Puzzle – True/False test

March 5, 2007 am31 7:25 am

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.1. The number of correct responses that are “True” is even.
True / False

2. The correct response for #1 is “False”
True / False

3. This statment is “True”
True / False

4. It is false that two consecutive statements have the same correct response
True / False

Post questions in the comments below. Post answers in the answer post comments section.

Or make up your own (easier, harder, impossible).

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  1. March 5, 2007 pm31 7:58 pm 7:58 pm

    I imagine you could, theoretically, set up a truth table for problems like this one. It’s not so bad in this case because it’s only 8×8. But I think, systematically, that might be the best way to solve the class of puzzles.

    Intuitively… it’s a different breed altogether.

  2. March 6, 2007 am31 6:59 am 6:59 am

    I had a group of kids make a complete list, and cross out the wrong ones. It worked just fine.

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