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Integrated Algebra II and Trig – last minute tips

June 15, 2010 am30 5:58 am

Know your exam:  88 points. Of them, 54 are from 2 point multiple choice. 16 are from 2 point short answer. Think about that. The multiple choice are worth the same as the first 8 short answer. Go through them carefully, they deserve the same time as the short answer.

Don’t rush the Multiple Choice – they are worth as much as the first eight short answers

Why do I write this? You know. You have done it, or seen others do it. When there are bubbles to bubble or choices to choose, we tend to work more quickly. Do not rush the multiple choice. Solve them forward, solve them backward, whichever works. When you come back, try solving them a second way.

Don’t skip short answer questions. I mean, yes, skip them the first time through if you don’t know how to do one. But go back and try and try.

No Blanks

No blanks. At the end of the exam, when you’ve really done what you can do, do more. Fill in every multiple choice that is still blank. Eliminate one or two crazy answers. Narrow it down. And guess.

And no blank short answers. You don’t know? At least try to start the problem. Write down relevant information. Take a shot at the first step. And the next.

Yes Break(s)

3 hours is too long to stare at math. Force yourself to take brief breaks. Dozing off? Bad no no. You lose control of time. Staring into space? Also a problem. But trying to recall the full lyrics to your favorite song? That’s good. Takes 4-5 minutes, and sends you back to work fresh. Using the bathroom? Also good. Pushing your legs against the inner legs of your chair? That’s exercise. Isometric. And it is good. Try to remember what you had for dinner all last week? Also good. Gives you a limited break. And make sure whatever you do to break the time, that it is limited to a few minutes.

Your target is….

We don’t know. And won’t know. I like low 40s and through low 50s for the pass score. There is an AMTNYS discussion… Keep track of your points. Count them on your breaks. Actually, counting the points you are certain of is a sort of break.

…42 – 52?

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  1. A.S permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 5:14 pm 5:14 pm

    can you share any answers from the trig regent today?

    • tyliah permalink
      June 15, 2010 pm30 9:16 pm 9:16 pm

      part 2:
      graph f(t)= (1/2)^x
      Find the aysomtope.

      just took it to day, the aysomtope is …….


  2. LI Math Teacher permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 6:27 pm 6:27 pm

    I have the solutions. Anything you are especially curious about?

  3. A.S permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 8:51 pm 8:51 pm

    Would you be able to tell me what #13,16 and 30?

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 15, 2010 pm30 9:21 pm 9:21 pm

      I posted the solutions below before I realized I could respond to an individual post.

  4. sage permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 8:54 pm 8:54 pm

    yes, i was curious about if i will get partial credit for doing 2 var stat instead of 1 var stat for the population standard deviation…also, can u discuss the multiple choice answers?
    the multiple choice on the conversion of 33.56 degrees was which one? 33 degrees 33 min or 33 degrees 34 min?

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 15, 2010 pm30 9:20 pm 9:20 pm

      I didn’t mark the stats question, I’ll check the rubric at work tomorrow to see if 2-var stats receives any credit. I posted the answer to your other question below.

  5. June 15, 2010 pm30 9:05 pm 9:05 pm

    what did you think of the test? honestly, i was pretty disappointed. no questions solving with logs, no regression, no normal curve, but 3 questions on sequences and series? there were a couple of real curveballs that would have been fair if i didnt have to race through the basics of 104 different standards.

    a dream curve would be 45. i dont think it will get any lower than that. which is bad news for my kids.

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 15, 2010 pm30 10:16 pm 10:16 pm

      I completely agree with you. I’m hopeful for a 46. There was way too much repetition of topics. And honestly, with the tremendous amount of material we need to cover, how can they justify a 2 point question on what’s the strongest negative correlation? Obviously we cover regression in this class, but they could have asked a meaningful question. This question should be on the integrated algebra. Many of my honors kids blew this one because they way over thought it.

  6. LI Math Teacher permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 9:18 pm 9:18 pm

    #13 – (1) (x-2)^2 + y^2 = 4 is n0t a function
    #16 – (2) (x-1)^2 + (y+3)^2 = 7
    #30 – sum of the roots = -11/5 or -2.2
    product of the roots = -3/5 or -0.6

    #23 – 33.56 degrees is 33 degrees and 33 minutes. choice (1)

  7. A.S permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 10:19 pm 10:19 pm

    the answr you said for number 16- what choice # was that in mult choice?

    what was 32?

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 15, 2010 pm30 10:26 pm 10:26 pm

      sorry – number 16 was choice (2)

      28. +/- 4
      29. population standard deviation 7.4
      30. sum = -11/6 or -2.2 and product = -3/5 or -0.6
      31. graph and y = 0 for the asymptote
      32. -x rad 3x
      33. exact value of sin 240 is NEGATIVE radical 3 over 2
      34. 604 square feet for the area of the parallelogram
      35. (d-8)/5
      36. probability to the nearest thousandth, 0.167
      37. 0, 60, 180, 300 …. 360 is NOT included in the interval.
      38. Tennessee = 3780, Vermont = 5040, thus Carol is not correct
      39. 33 degrees. If you got 32 or 34, you rounded too early.

  8. walter permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 10:28 pm 10:28 pm

    by 35 i by mistake wrote for my final answer (d-8)/(2+3) instead of adding the 2 and the 3 and putting five (wasn’t watching closely) do you think I would get points off for that?

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 15, 2010 pm30 10:34 pm 10:34 pm

      That wasn’t the question I was grading and I didn’t bring the scoring guide home. Since they specifically said “Express in simplest form”, I’m assuming you’ll receive 1/2 points. If I am mistaken, I will let you know tomorrow.

    • June 16, 2010 am30 8:42 am 8:42 am

      As much as we hated it, we took the point off from a couple papers that had 2+3 instead of 5 in the denominator because it wasn’t in simplest form. That was right up there with writing the decimal instead of negative square root of 3 over 2 when the exact value was asked for.

      Those little things are what make us cringe when we see a borderline paper … and we don’t even know where the border will be.

  9. walter permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 10:58 pm 10:58 pm

    much appreciated- well, half is better than no credit!
    is the last one worth 4 pts or 6?

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 16, 2010 am30 5:44 am 5:44 am

      The last question is worth 6 points.

  10. sage permalink
    June 15, 2010 pm30 11:48 pm 11:48 pm

    Will i at least get more than half partial credit if i included all the other 4 values but skipped over the less than 360? i got 5 solutions, all of urs as well as 360..

    • LI Math Teacher permalink
      June 16, 2010 am30 5:45 am 5:45 am

      You should get 3 of the 4 points.

  11. Tess permalink
    June 16, 2010 am30 8:36 am 8:36 am

    what about for only writing 3 of the 4

  12. elizabeth permalink
    June 16, 2010 am30 8:44 am 8:44 am

    What if I rounded # 36 wrong and wrote .17, and if I also counted wrong by the permutation of #38 will I get any credit?

  13. Student permalink
    June 16, 2010 pm30 12:52 pm 12:52 pm

    The negative correlation m/c answer was -0.89 correct? Not -1.07? I put -0.89 because I thought it cannot exceed |r| greater than 1, or it doesnt make sense. And probability was 0.167?

  14. Student permalink
    June 16, 2010 pm30 1:23 pm 1:23 pm

    Sorry one more question just making sure. There was a question with like y^2 + something y = something on m/c and you had to find solutions or something? Was it simply quadratic formula and was the answer like (4) like 3 + 3 rad 5 / 2 something like that, or was it the one with imaginary?

  15. Quacey Bull permalink
    June 18, 2010 am30 6:04 am 6:04 am

    is this for the integrated algebra 2010 JUNE Regents??

  16. Ryan permalink
    June 21, 2010 pm30 6:19 pm 6:19 pm

    for #37, how are we supposed to find the four solutions?

    i only got two, 60 and 360. i can see how 0 and 180 make sense, but how can you show that algebraically? and how many points out of 4 do you think i’ll get???

  17. Anonymous permalink
    June 21, 2010 pm30 6:30 pm 6:30 pm

    If you put the short answer probability question in percent form but still rounded to nearest thousandth would you lose any points?

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