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Advice for myself

November 12, 2016 pm30 7:25 pm

From the Spring:  Speak the truth.   Work for Change.  It’s not about you.

Needed additions:  Act against racism. Act against anti-immigrant bigotry/hatred. Act against sexism. Act against homophobia.

Also:  Act for fairness. Act in solidarity.

Looking away = acquiescence (and is absolutely unacceptable)

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  1. November 12, 2016 pm30 7:27 pm 7:27 pm


  2. Anonymous permalink
    November 14, 2016 am30 10:54 am 10:54 am

    Our fight for public education has been an arduous one and a constant one. There were great “compromises” that progressives were never content with (ie union acting in self interest; chapter leaders acting in self interest and survival mode as the union did not back who they should have, ATRs the list goes on….). Please understand that compliance and silence did not work under Obama (he supported for profit schools) and now silence and compliance will only assist in the COMPLETE death of public education.

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