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Carnevale de Matematica – but what number?

February 16, 2009 pm28 9:31 pm

There’s a (new?) mathematics carnival on the block – in Italian. If you read that sort of stuff, check it out. The professore who contributed a post to our Carnival of Mathematics 27 in English last year is the host. The blog is proooof.blogspot (4,count them, o’s) and the blog title is:

The carnival is number 10 in base 10 – we know it is not the first. Beyond that? I wish I knew which base the second 10 was written in…

I can make out some of the topics, and I’ll poke around a little. Maybe some of the posts are in English or mostly diagrams, photos, and equations. Plus, there are links to bloggers… most or all of whom I’ve never seen. So poking definitely is in order.

That is, by the way, how I read big books as a little kid. My aunt got this great Time Life series on nature, and I ‘read’ each volume, mostly sticking to the photos, charts, diagrams, tables, and occasionally dipping into the text…

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  1. February 20, 2009 pm28 2:34 pm 2:34 pm

    Nice question!

    Our post are written in italian, but we also have a nice movie:


  1. Teachers Play at Math « JD2718
  2. Un interessante problema autoreferenziale

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