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Election Day Today

November 8, 2022 am30 10:36 am

So go out and vote, if you haven’t yet. Polls are open in New York until 9PM – that’s plenty of time.

A lot of people already voted. I did. We get to relax and watch the results come in. Or don’t relax. But your choice. Some people are volunteering at polling places. I might show up.

Teachers get “PD” instead of a regular work day. I am not teaching this year. But I used to not especially like meetings instead of teaching. The best part of being in school, for me, and for many teachers, is working directly with kids. One year I went to a pd in a nearby school. It was in a large auditorium, and the speaker carefully explained the science behind “attention span” and why 15 minutes was the absolute longest teens and most adults could hold focus, and 10 minutes might be more like it. He spoke to us, without interruption, for 45 minutes on this topic. Was it worth 45 minutes of sliding in and out of focus (consciousness) to earn my favorite pd story? Hmm. I’d rather teach.


Might as well make predictions.

In New York, no real surprises. Hochul’s “tight” race will turn out to be about a 10 point win. Bigger wins for Letitia James and Tom Di Napoli. Even bigger for Schumer, who I won’t vote for, ever. The house delegation goes for the Democrats 19 – 7, with no upsets (It’s currently 19 – 8).

Nationally, it’s a likely going to be a bad day for the Democrats.

Current house is 222 Democrats, 212 Republicans, and one vacancy. I keep counting and recounting, best guess is it ends up 199 Democrats and 236 Republicans.

The Senate is at 50 – 50, with VP Harris breaking ties for the Democrats. I think it will take more than a day to get “final” results, and the Democrats seem to have a chance, but I’m torn on my prediction – between 50 Republicans, 49 Democrats, and Georgia going to a run-off to determine control of the senate – or 51 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and Georgia going to a run-off that won’t determine control.


Can you imagine a country where we are divided roughly 50/50? The “moderate” democrats, the ones really in charge of the party, I’m not making a list, not today, but I have nothing in common with them. But the alternative choice in many races are batshit insane, openly racist Trumpers? And it’s really 50/50. What a sick, sick country we have become.

At least I’ve got a good state senator.

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