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Thank yous

August 26, 2022 am31 10:37 am

Robert Jackson’s email said “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” and that made me think back to a blog post from over seven years ago…

After an election politicians address supporters and thank them, no matter the outcome. But now they also send out thank you emails.

Each has a clear thank you:

We knew it was going to be a close election, and while we wait for the final numbers to come in, I want to thank this amazing grassroots team for everything you’ve done. I couldn’t be here without you! 


I look forward to thanking people in person when I get back, but want you to know today that I am so deeply grateful to you for your faith in me and support of my campaign. This is a victory for us all to savor together. 


We won our State Senate Re-election Primary, and it was a true team effort. It was your volunteering, your donations, your commitment and your vote that made it happen. I can’t thank you enough.


And each message carries a tone, or a hint of what comes next:

We’re going to keep working until every single vote is counted and we’ll keep you posted with updates along the way.

YLN. Recount? Run WFP in the general?

… a coalition of concerned neighbors, labor unions, volunteers, and elected and community leaders that successfully stood strong against a deluge of outside spending to make it clear that the Bronx values effective progressive leadership.

GR. Sigh of relief, and a commitment to fight (for progressive issues, sure. But…

Over a million dollars from charter school backers, real estate developers and conservative Republicans was not enough to silence our voice. 

Is Gustavo committing to take them on? I hope so!

The special interests can spend all they want against us, but I will never stop fighting for you. 

RJ. This is easy. He will stay the course. He has the same commitment today he did two decades ago.

Subject Lines

Let me get to it, why I found one subject line in particular interesting.

I bet on people

Yuh-Line Niou

We Did It Together!

Gustavo Rivera

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Robert Jackson

So let’s go back.

Robert Jackson co-founded the Campaign for Fiscal Equity. His activism (and a famous walk to Albany) helped secure significantly more funding for NYC schools, in the name of equity. He became a city council person, and then ran unsuccessfully for State Senate, and for Manhattan Borough President. In that State Senate run, 2014, NYSUT (really the UFT) shamefully endorsed his opponent

NYSUT and UFT endorsements recently have been horrid – they neither pick winners, nor people who have our interests at heart. If a NYC writer was going to create a parody of a hapless PAC, they would model it on us. Dumb, and Lousy. But back in 2014 the UFT was better at picking winners… even when they didn’t represent our interests. It was a different sort of bad endorsement policy. Smart and Bad. Robert Jackson was not the only bad endorsement that year. They also went with Andrew Cuomo over Zephyr Teachout.

And how bad was Cuomo? Just a few months later the UFT was building a rally – against Cuomo personally.

I went to that rally. UFT-endorsed Cuomo was the villain. Adriano Espaillat, who the UFT endorsed against Robert Jackson, was a no-show. But I saw a student of mine, an Alum, Audrey Bleier – I said thank you. Zephyr Teachout, not really the UFT’s style, but who would have been better for our interests, obviously, then scumbag Cuomo, was there. I said thank you. And Robert Jackson, who the UFT abandoned, who the UFT helped defeat despite everything he had done for education, he was there. He was there for the schools and the kids and for his principles, despite the UFT organizers’ very poor manners. And I thanked him.

And then I wrote about it. And when I saw Robert’s email on Wednesday, celebrating his victory and acknowledging his volunteers, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I thought about seeing him on that cold March day in 2015, which I wrote about with those very words: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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