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UFT Election turnout – Results later today (day 2)

May 27, 2016 am31 7:54 am

UFT election results should be available this afternoon (Friday), not Thursday as I had originally believed. Yesterday I wrote about five things to look for (who wins high schools, did the generic and partisan Get out the Vote efforts reverse the trend of falling turnout, did Unity vote stop falling, would the combined opposition see a significant uptick, and would the middle schools become close).

We already have the answer to one question:  turnout improved to better than 2007 levels (though not 2004) in all teacher divisions – probably in functionals, too, though I am not certain we are comparing apples to apples there. The number of retirees voting increased, but I am uncertain of the percent.

I’ll talk more about all the numbers in the coming days, but this is what I wrote down yesterday (sorry no spreadsheet yet):


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