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ex-KIPP teachers, tell your stories

May 14, 2011 pm31 7:54 pm

Former KIPP Teachers: Share Your Story

from Schools Matter by Jim Horn
I am very much interested in talking with former KIPP teachers who may want to take part in an interview study on the KIPP teaching experience.  All participants are guaranteed complete anonymity, and no names, locations, or other information will be used that may jeopardize your privacy.  I have completed three interviews so far, and I am interested in talking with another dozen or so former KIPP teachers.  Email me if interested at

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I think Schools Matters is the only blog I am actually banned from. And to make matters worse, I gave them a hard time for making fun of New Jersey Governor Christie for being a fat jerk. (Jerk, yes, but I do not think it is right to make fun of people’s weight). But it stays in my reader; it is well worth following. They select interesting articles to reprint, much of which I would not otherwise see. And Steve Krashen writes good stuff.

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