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Follow ups on Philly and Providence

February 24, 2011 am28 2:23 am

I wrote about the Philly teacher who’d been reassigned for speaking out against a school closing?  And a TfA no less?  Hope Moffett. She got her letter calling her for a hearing for endangering children and for sharing her reassignment letter. This letter, however, did not require her not to share it, so they may not be piling on more charges. Read today’s update at The Notebook.

I wrote about every teacher being about to be fired in Providence?  Look in the comments, where there is substantial back and forth with Tom Hoffman. Well, later yesterday, the letters started to come, and they are doozies. Tom blogged updates about them (his wife is a non-permanent teacher (?) in Providence).

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  1. February 24, 2011 am28 10:49 am 10:49 am

    In NYC terms she’s an ATR, long-term subbing this year after her school was closed last year.

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