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I know what that blotchy stuff is

July 3, 2010 am31 10:06 am

Long Wednesday walk took me through Fort Tryon Park.

Thursday morning, in shorts, mild itch, I’m scratching both calves. I look. Not an insect bite. Blotchy orange-pink rash.

I know what poison ivy the plant looks like. I avoid it. Apparently quite successfully.

I know what poison ivy the rash looks like. I’ve seen it on other people. But never on me.

The itch is still there, barely. The (fading) blotches start at the top of my (calf-high) sock, on both legs. How’d it get up under my jeans? But I remember taking a quick off-trail short cut, and no, I did not look for PI.

I think the amazing thing is, yes I am allergic, and yes, I’d managed to carefully avoid contact over the course of 40 or so years…

By the way, here’s my previous unfortunate botanical run-in… (not Poison Ivy, she’s just here to add color)

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  1. July 3, 2010 pm31 4:06 pm 4:06 pm

    My sympathies. I had poison ivy a few years ago and it was awful. I had no idea I was so allergic. The only thing I say is that I wished it on Bloomberg and Klein.

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