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Summer sneaks in

July 2, 2010 pm31 12:24 pm

This was a rough year for teachers in New York City. But not so bad for jd2718. My school is in good shape, my administration works with us, not against. We don’t have much craziness. And we have no scheduled excessing.

But there is still a ton of work in this Department of Education, and each year there is more and more. Even semi-sheltered, we feel the rising load, the compliance, the unfair grading, etc.

And we do some extras in my school. Things that are worthwhile. Especially through the Spring. And I am still programming (one last year). And there is the weight of that. And something sad diverted me.

And so while Monday was our last day — and while teacher-bloggers woke up Tuesday and shared the feelings of freedom —  for me, summer just slowly snuck in.

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