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New Year’s Resolution Progress – seeing more films

February 28, 2010 pm28 1:28 pm

How’m I doing? I resolved to see at least 40 films this year, up from my usual 5 – 15. And I’m happy to report, it’s been a great start.


  • A Single Man
  • Avatar


That’s nine so far, not counting the shorts. I’ll throw some reviews in the comments, later.


++++ White Ribbon, Broken Embraces, Ran, Fish Tank

++ A Single Man

+ Eyes Wide Open, Avatar (for the effects only),

– La Fille du RER, American Radical

I hadn’t realized that I had a thing for foreign films. We’ve got German, French, Japanese,  Spanish, and Hebrew. Plus loads of subtitles in the shorts. (Russian, Swedish, and an Indian language, probably Hindi? in the live action ones)

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