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Go see Food, Inc

July 10, 2009 am31 6:08 am

I’m not a big fan of preachy documentaries, but here’s an exception.

Food, Inc peels away some of the secrecy about what’s going on with food production in the United States.

Monopolization:  Beef, Pork, markets monopolized by just 4 producers. Chicken, I think 3. Corn? 4. And soybeans? Monsanto patented a gene, stuck it in, and now controls over 90% of soybean production in the US.

Farms: Not like what you see in the pictures. Chicken houses with tens of thousands of birds – that never see daylight – that fall over because the hormones that fatten mature them too fast don’t keep the rest of their growth on par. Consolidated feeding operations (CAFOs?) for cows and pigs where they are nearly force-fed corn…

Supermarkets: 50,000 items on the shelf, most containing some engineered rearrangement of corn or soy.

Contamination; Lawyers keeping farmers from talking; Victimizing immigrant workers; Food conglomerate employees in government agencies…

I wish they’d treated it more as a global phenomenon, not just US, but that takes away nothing from the strengths of the film.

In New York it’s playing at Film Forum, but also at a handful of other theaters.

You probably want to see this. You probably don’t want to be eating popcorn when the credits roll.

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