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UFT Negotiating Committee – First Meeting

July 9, 2009 pm31 1:02 pm

The first meeting of the expanded (about 300) UFT Negotiating Committee will start in about an hour. (I’ll be there)

We’ll have to see what framework is established. But at the moment that we start to set priorities, I have two in mind:

  • No givebacks on current conditions/rules/rights
  • Regain some aspect of control of the transfer process

Open Market transfers are really transfers without rules – and our most vulnerable members – senior teachers, especially ATRs, and beginning teachers – are getting slammed by this system. I know that rolling things back to seniority transfers will not happen. But some sort of union control/oversight needs to be re-established.

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  1. July 9, 2009 pm31 9:32 pm 9:32 pm

    And the meeting was set up to be confidential… now, that’s not the same as a blackout, but it also means that the committee itself will decide what parts of its work to report out, and how.


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