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Busman’s Holiday for Teachers – help other teachers organize

June 12, 2009 pm30 11:28 pm

Last summer I volunteered. The AFT’s summer organizing/solidarity campaign sent me to New Orleans.

Some of what we did was symbolic. Some was grunt work. Some was straight up solidarity.

It was good work, for a good cause. Plus they covered travel and all expenses. Would I do it again? I don’t know… but today the AFT called, and asked.

While I’m mulling it over, you could take a look. Go to the AFT Back-to-School Organizing web page. Or read the content, below the fold:

When you volunteer to join the corps of organizers heading south this summer for the AFT’s back-to-school union-building campaigns:

You Give—
• Two weeks of work and dedication, with long and irregular hours.
• The benefit of your union experience, and your personal story of what motivates you to be an active union member.
• Empowerment to colleagues struggling against anti-employee and anti-union hostility.
You Get—
• A unique experience and relationships that last a lifetime.
• Valuable union-building skills.
• The satisfaction that comes from helping those in need.
• The knowledge that you are building union power for the benefit of us all.

What is the program?
When you join the 2009 AFT Back-to-School Organizing Campaign as a volunteer organizer, you are signing up for a two-week (at minimum) stint of hands-on new-member organizing in Southern states like Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas.

What qualifications do I need?
The readiness and willingness to get involved. We provide the skills training, coaching and coordination – you bring the desire.

What will this cost me?
The AFT pays for your transportation and housing, provides a meal allowance, and covers incidental expenses.

Where can I find out more?

Fill out the application form that will start you on your way.

Toll-free: 800/238-1133, ext. 4466 / E-mail:

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