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Progress Report: Flu-ish?

May 31, 2009 pm31 10:41 pm

So how does swine flu affect your school? I don’t mean the sick kids – in today’s New York City Department of Education kids don’t matter – I mean your school’s Progress Report.

Did your attendance drop? Are you better off sending home any kid with a sniffle, to keep the damn pox from spreading, or refusing to send anyone home, to maximize attendance?

What about the Regents? Will the kid score better if you rush them home, bedrest them, and get them back fresh (hopefully) or keep them in school as long as you can, and do as much prep as you can stuff into his head?

Those schools you get compared to, any of them get shut? Because I don’t see how that doesn’t translate into a Progress Report windfall. Do you think one is close to being shut, but is playing with the numbers? Maybe an anonymous tip would close them?

But heaven help you if you are the only school in your peer group getting hammered with fevers. What’s going to happen to your regents scores? How many “points” will you lose for attendence?


When can we throw these damned Progress Reports overboard? They pervert education, turn good principals bad, and turn bad principals evil.

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