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CUNY Board Gives Goldstein a $55,000 Raise – That’s 14%

October 28, 2008 pm31 3:10 pm

This caught my attention, not because of the huge raise, but because it was only 14% of the Chancellor’s salary.

From the Professional Staff Congress:

On September 22, the CUNY Board of Trustees approved pay increases for vice chancellors and college presidents. Additionally Chancellor Matthew Goldstein received a $55,000 raise, a 14% increase that brings his yearly pay to $450,000. Goldstein also receives a housing allowance and other compensation, which add more than $100,000 to his base pay. Most vice chancellors got five-figure increases, for pay hikes of 5 to 6%, and all top executives now receive annual salaries of more than $200,000. More in this month’s Clarion.
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  1. Deborah permalink
    January 26, 2009 am31 9:26 am 9:26 am

    How absolutley disgustting!!! when staff and tutors are losing their jobs.

    These jobs pay minimal $$$ but we were very happy to have had them at QCC, wgere I was a student almost 40 years ago and now
    a NYCDOE certified teaher

    This isa cut throat business.

    How does cutting support services help students and staff?
    My tutorial job at the writing center was resently, lost, due to budget cuts.

    Clearly, I se no reason for it.
    Perhaps, that is not important to the higher ups.

  2. handzsmbolz permalink
    May 27, 2010 am31 9:38 am 9:38 am

    New member

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