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Tough week

September 13, 2008 pm30 10:13 pm

First full week of classes, and programming restarted… So a self-imposed break from blogging seemed smart. I’ll be catching up with new and exciting posts, and with replies to some of the comments you have left. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. September 17, 2008 pm30 8:27 pm 8:27 pm

    Hi Jonathan,

    I hope the beginning of the school year hasn’t got you too much down — hopefully the programming problems have eased. I hope you don’t mind if I use this post to do a little advertising — there’s a math competition I’m involved in called the NYC Interscholastic Math League (NYCIML). NYCIML has four different levels, Soph/Frosh, Junior, Senior A and Senior B. The Junior and Soph/Frosh contests happen 3 times each semester and the Senior contests happen 5 times each semester. A team consists of 5-12 students, and it costs $95 to register one team. All contests are short-answer (but not multiple-choice), and range in difficulty from the easiest end of AMC 10 to the easy end of AIME (for the harder questions on the Junior and Senior A contests). If this sounds at all interesting to you, the website is (unfortunately still lacking some content :( ) — if you have any questions, you can send them to exec[atsign] (although I think you have my e-mail address, and you can certainly e-mail me directly). This contest (along with the AMC/AIME) is used to help select students for the NYC Math Team (, and it’s always nice if they can get students from schools that haven’t fed to them before.

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