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Pages in a storm

September 7, 2008 am30 3:38 am

I am sitting home, looking at schedules, and reading on-line. What exactly? Well, since Hanna’s got me in, Hanna’s where we start:

  • The National Hurricane Center (in my blog roll) updates the progress of Hanna, and Ike, and the remnants of Josephine every few hours. I like the Forecast Discussions (they seem strange, but you get used to them) and the Wind Speed projections (tables with numbers, my sort of stuff), but the animated graphics archives (I like the 5-day projections) are really cool.
  • Breaking the rules. An upstate NY math teacher – f(t) – uses a cell phone in class? Nope. She makes her kids use theirs. Pretty cool, though I don’t think I have the guts to try it myself.
  • Got stuff out of the garden before Hanna soaked it? Pissed Off Teacher did. Just a pretty picture.
  • What’s the chance that Palin will be president? Well, if McCain loses, zero (this time). But if McCain wins… over at God Plays Dice Isabel Michael reports on the calculated odds.
  • My local newspaper has a blog. Ok, it’ll get better.
  • Gotham Schools has a story on something else that has gone wrong with the opening of the New York City school year: overloaded registration centers.
  • And they also cover something near and dear: math and olives. It would be easy to be all “isn’t this wonderful” but Kelly is right to ask some hard questions about math education in Morocco.
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