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Comments problem

July 21, 2008 am31 3:25 am

This blog allows anonymous comments. It will continue to do so. But in response to the listing of Eximius College Prep as a Do Not Apply school, several commenters have been posting under multiple names. The intent in one case was to deceive or confuse, in others it was just cute or convenient. In any event, anonymity is fine, but confusing readers is not. One voice, one name.

In response to the confusing situation at the Eximius post (for jd2718, 30 comments on a post is a lot), I have flagged the comments as XA1, or XA2 XA3 (Eximius Anonymous 1, etc) so that readers will not be confused by the multiple names. (The third commenter picked one name and stuck to it).

Please note that one of the three, XA1, may have led readers into believing he/she was a parent at the school. The commenter should clear this up.

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