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Year end 2008 (2) Graduation

June 30, 2008 pm30 5:40 pm

As connected as I was to graduation last year (I spoke, was mentioned by kids, got caught up in congratulations and picture taking afterwards), I was just as disconnected this year. I applauded for all the kids, extra loud for a handful, but was mostly a distant spectator. For weeks I had already been referring to the current juniors as “seniors.”

Things had been moving in this direction. Last year I participated in senior events (dodgeball, skating trip, prom), this year in none. Last year the yearbook was dedicated to all the teachers, but I was singled out, my senior electives (combinatorics and logic) were favorite classes, senior service aides bonded, seniors spent extra time talking, asking advice about the future, discussing friends, politics, hopes. This year, none of that.

It’s funny, in a small school how easy it is to have different feelings for different classes.

Last year I steadied myself during graduation by doing long division in my head. This year, no need for math.


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