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New York area primary results, another look

March 30, 2008 am31 10:23 am

County by county results in the Democratic primaries, for counties within about 75 miles of NYC

New York City

Bronx Clinton 60-38
Brooklyn Clinton 50-48
New York Clinton 54-44
Queens Clinton 60-38
Richmond Clinton 61-36

Neighboring Counties

Westchester Clinton 53-44
Bergen (NJ) Clinton 59-39
Hudson (NJ) Clinton 62-36
Union (NJ) Obama 51-48
Essex (NJ) Obama 56-43

Nassau Clinton 62-35

Other close-in counties

Fairfield (CT) Obama 52-46
Putnam Clinton 56-41
Rockland Clinton 58-39
Orange Clinton 56-40

Passaic (NJ) Clinton 60-38
Morris (NJ) Clinton 53-45
Somerset (NJ) Obama 51-48
Middlesex (NJ) Clinton 57-40
Monmouth (NJ) Clinton 54-44
Suffolk Clinton 62-35

3rd ring (about 50 – 75 miles)

New Haven (CT) Obama 52-46
Litchfield (CT) Obama 52-46

Dutchess Clinton 51-46
Orange Clinton 50-47

Sullivan Clinton 60-36
Sussex (NJ) Clinton 52-44
Warren (NJ) Clinton 55-41
Hunterdon (NJ) Obama 50-48
Mercer (NJ) Obama 55-44

Burlington (NJ) Clinton 51-47
Ocean (NJ) Clinton 64-33

Clinton wins: Red Clinton won by over 20 points; Purple Clinton 11-20; Blue Clinton won by 0-10
Obama wins Green (all under 10 points)

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