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Link +s and -s

September 6, 2007 pm30 3:39 pm

More housecleaning.

  • Baghdad Burning. Appreciated the blog, but in April she said she might be leaving Iraq, and hasn’t blogged since. I’ll take almost six months silence to mean she really isn’t going to blog. I hope she landed somewhere peaceful, and on her feet. [Update – Chris notes in the comments that she posted moments after this went up, with her story of leaving Baghdad. Best of luck to her in these difficult times]
  • + Jose Vilson. NYC math teacher, teaching fellow. Thoughtful stuff.
  • – I thought having a librarian on the list was neat, but Teaching Technology… seems to have given up the blog.
  • + How long have I been reading Miss Profe (Hardknock teachers life)? Serious, meaningful, social stuff and education stuff. It’s about time to add her.
  • Chaz, supporter of a louder opposition in my union, stopped blogging almost a year ago. He left a note here saying he would explain. One day.
  • + I am trying out Irrational: A Math Teacher’s Notebook
  • Mathematical Musings has become a tech specialist. She still has a nice blog, but it’s not for me.
  • + I don’t know how Math Mom ever came off my blog roll, but she’s back. Not a homeschooler, but a parent involved in her (little) children’s math education
  • Understanding posted thoughtfully about teaching high school math at a California charter school, but he changed schools and abandoned his old blog
  • + Math Trek at Science News is fun. Julie Rehnmeyer. Popular. Advanced. Applied. Well-written, often at the intersection of math and science for the educated layman.
  • – Thought Learning Games was cool. Changed my mind.
  • + Miss Frizzle returns with a new host. Welcome back.
  • – Somehow the math education part of NJ (math involved, and math licensed parent) Linda Moran‘s blog disapparited. When I find it, I will relink it.
  • + I came to A Mispelt Bog for a math carnival, and decided that it makes a nice read. John Kemeny does it. Some math and some higher education.
  • – Did I mention dropping Jenny Kissed Me and Fields of Gold? If I had a tag, “Swedes who used to post math conundrums….”
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  1. September 7, 2007 am30 3:40 am 3:40 am

    Thanks for the love, sir. I appreciate it. Anyways, I’ll do my best to contribute to the carnival every so often. I gotta check out how it rolls. In the meantime, I’ll be checking your posts, too. Peace …

  2. Chris permalink
    September 7, 2007 pm30 12:14 pm 12:14 pm

    Baghdad Burning posted right after you did. Coincidence, no?

  3. September 7, 2007 pm30 3:08 pm 3:08 pm

    That’s really weird. But I was right; she did leave. So while I’d like to wish her luck, taking her off the blogroll was the right thing to do. But look at that timing.

  4. September 7, 2007 pm30 4:43 pm 4:43 pm

    I stopped posting for a while, so that’s probably why you took me off your blogroll. But now that I’m back, I appreciate the link!

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