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UFT elections: New Action/Unity Joint HS Slate

March 19, 2007 am31 5:11 am

The UFT Executive Board is up for election. TJC and ICE are running a joint slate. Unity and New Action are running independent slates, but have cross-endorsed several candidates. Among the at-large seats, Unity has cross-endorsed 5 New Action candidates. They appear on the ballot as New Action/Unity. And in the high school division New Action has 3 candidates cross-endorsed by Unity, and Unity has 3 candidates cross-endorsed by New Action. In addition, New Action cross-endorsed Randi Weingarten for President.

I am particularly pleased with the high school cross-endorsement. If I didn’t cast a “slate” vote the first Unity member I would have voted for would have been my District Rep, Lynne Winderbaum. And now she’s on my slate!

  1. David Gurowsky- New Action/Unity, Stevenson HS, Chapter Leader
  2. Douglas Haynes-New Action/Unity, Canarsie HS
  3. Gregg Lundahl-Unity/New Action, Washington Irving High School, Chapter Leader
  4. James Vasquez- Unity/New Action, Newcomers HS, Queens HS DR
  5. Lynne Winderbaum – Unity/New Action, JFK HS, former tough-as-nails Chapter Leader, Bronx DR
  6. Mark Karwowski-New Action/Unity, Telecommunications High School
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