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Links – Hellos and Goodbyes

March 5, 2007 am31 4:28 am

Time to update some links. Pharyngula ran the most amazing offer: give him your link, and he added it to his blogroll (without a promise to keep it more than a few months, but still). Anyway, I am no pharyngula.

Say hello to:
Math Less Traveled. You know how good math teachers can make math fun and interesting and clear, and engineers and other smart non-teachers usually can’t? Well this guy? He’s not a teacher but writes like one of those good teachers. Go. Look. [edit – Maybe he is a teacher after all. Brent?]
dy/dan is a math-focused math teacher. All teaching, no politics.
Ms. Whatsit is a riled up middle school teacher. Quick-witted with a sharp tongue.

And I’ve dropped these links:
Ianqui in the village is a sociologist or anthropologist in New York who at one time caught my interest, but, alas, lost it. I used to know people like that.
Ed Notes online has ratcheted up the nastiness for the election season. It is too unpleasant to keep.
Evolving Education
, Naughtmuch, and Syntactic Gymnastics all stopped publishing.

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  1. March 5, 2007 am31 5:51 am 5:51 am

    Thanks for the kind endorsement! I’m a teacher by avocation if not, currently, in actual fact. I did teach high school math and computer science for a couple years before taking my current job (as a software developer) in order to put my wife through grad school. So unfortunately I’m not a counterexample to your dichotomy. =)

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