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Mulgrew on Medicare?

March 19, 2022 am31 9:52 am

I wanted to share the audio with you.

It wasn’t secret. Mulgrew posted it here.

You can click the link. But it says “This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed.” Indeed. I wonder why.

He was proud of that tape. Apparently. Until he wasn’t.

He sounded so smug. As if he knew more than anyone else on that call.

You could have heard him sounding like an overconfident used car salesman.

You could have heard how condescendingly he spoke to our retirees.

You could have heard him boast how Medicare Advantage Plus (aka MAP, aka Mulgrewcare) was better than real Medicare.

You could have heard him brag that he was under no obligation to tell retirees that he was renegotiating their health care. You could have heard him ignore the significance of pulling so many people off of Medicare.

You might have heard him explain that once he was done forcing retirees off of Medicare, that he was going to completely revamp health care for in-service members. Shudder.

You could have heard him suggest that he might restrict new hires to HIP for their first 5 years.

I mentioned this to a Unity supporter. “Come now, you know it is politics. Everyone knows he doesn’t mean what he says to members.” Something to think about, right?

By the way, we all used to be able to choose our healthcare from when we were hired. But Unity’s last round of “cost savings” forced new hires onto HIP for their first year. And now he’s thinking about 5?

And “health care savings?” That is Unity’s way of saying “extra costs for members that save the Stabilization Fund some money.” For you and me “cost savings” means we pay more.

But I can’t share this with you. I can’t share the audio tape. It was an audio tape that Mulgrew had made – that he proudly posted – until Unity stopped being proud of it.

I mean, they could put it back up, and you could listen for yourself. Or you could trust me. But I don’t think you can trust people who hide evidence.

The audio tape that Unity deleted was from a May 4, 2021 retiree call with Michael Mulgrew.

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